Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Spousal Conversion Kit

This new tool is an excellent resource for those who want to persuade their loved ones to buy a boat. Section features include: Video persuasions and scripts allowing you to create your own videos, ‘Seven Days to Boat Ownership’ guide, tips from other boating families, and a link to the Affordability.

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Boat Loan Calculator

Boating is more affordable than you think. If you know what your monthly budget amount is to buy a boat, put that in the monthly window and work backwards to determine how much in total price you can afford. Or, if you know the cost of the boat you want, put that amount in the total window to determine monthly payment.

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Cost Comparison Tool

Affordability is one of the top issues for visitors to the BoatJax.com site. The new interactive cost comparison tool shows how boating is affordable relative to other popular entertainment activities and informs potential new boaters that the traditional perception of boating as a high cost and high maintenance enterprise is inaccurate.

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