Sunday, December 15, 2019
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Finding The Right Boat Dealer

previewWhile you’re comparing boats, don’t forget that the dealer you decide to do business with will have a huge impact on your boat-buying and -ownership experience. Depending on your location, there might be only one who carries the model of boat you really want. However, if you’re torn between two or three models from different brands and different dealers, the quality of the dealership and its staff may well sway your decision.

Some points of comparison are relatively easy to figure out. For instance, if you are partial to an engine make, a dealer who services that engine might rank higher than another dealer — and we would advise selecting the boat based upon some local ability to get your boat serviced by factory-trained personnel. Other factors — such as customer service and commitment to the brand of boat you’d like to purchase, and more — can be harder to determine.

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When I started in the boating business in 1968 in Connecticut, I quickly realized that boating was basically a family oriented pastime. When families would arrive at the marina, the entire family would board the boat for a fun day on the water. The family would include grandparents and grandchildren.

Fast forward almost fifty years, and absolutely nothing about the family boating event has changed. Boating as a family unit today is only one of two outdoor events that people can do, camping is the other that keeps all members together as a complete group. Our local residents can enjoy the many weekend events that our city has to offer from the “Lighted Boat Parade” to “Air Shows. Somewhere in our boating community is an event that can be approached by water on a monthly basis.

Taking your kids fishing while they’re still young enough to enjoy the outing and the thrill of catching that very first fish is a memory that will last a lifetime. Children will remember that fishing outing well into having children of their own. Take your patience pills and take your family boating!!

DICK BOGER, President
Jacksonville Marine Association

Food Trucks & Exhibitors

Food Trucks:

 Saturday, October 5th

Mother Trucking Pizza
Treemendous BBQ
EL Mariachi Loko
Tikiz Shaved Ice & Ice Cream & Ice Cream

Sunday, October 6th:

Rite on Que
Alma’s Fusion
Chunky Tomato
Tikiz Shaved Ice & Ice Cream


All-State Insurance
Carefree Boat Club of Jacksonville
Carefree Boat Club of St. Augustine
Freedom Boat Club
Jacksonville Boat Club
Jacksonville Power Squadron
US Coast Guard Auxiliary
Whitco Insurance

2017 JMA Scholarships Winners

Grace Rogers Scholarship – Shelby Olney, daughter of Rodney Olney, Big Boy Play Toys  

Pete Loftin Scholarship – Sydney Ward, daughter of David Ward, B&W Marine Construction  

John Lowe Scholarship – Kali Brandes – daughter of Kellie Brandes, Thompson Baker Insurance

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